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Are You Walking Correctly and the Causes of Bunions


How often have you heard your gran or your mum say .. “Well I have bunions, therefore you will have bunions” ... Or your dad say “Young lady if you want to wear those ridiculous shoes every day then you’ll end up with feet like your mum or your gran”.... Sound familiar? Now chaps, before you delete this article thinking you don’t have that problem because you don’t wear high heels, please read on... bunions are not necessarily hereditary or caused by wearing unsuitable footwear...

The muscles between the knee and the ankle joint are responsible for moving your toes... So these muscles are working hard every time you walk, run, wear unsuitable foot wear, and play a sport. The structure of the foot is quite delicate and brilliant! The bones in the foot are small, then there are tendons that attach onto each toe, and these long tendons then attach onto a muscle which attaches onto the two bones, namely the tibia and the fibula in between the ankle and knee joint. So realistically if the muscles that make your toes move are too short, what effect is that going to have on your feet?

Look at the diagram and you’ll notice that the tendon called the Flexor Hallucis longus tendon, attaches onto the bottom of the big toe. When the muscle that attaches onto this tendon is short, it causes the tendon to rub along the bone, and ongoing rubbing along this bone will apply just enough pressure to eventually cause a bony spur... or it will cause the structure of the bone to move outwards... this is called a bunion! Make sense?

So what is the cause of this? In simple terms... a short muscle that attaches onto that tendon that is causing the bone to move! Or in some cases, a muscle that is too long and therefore as a result of being over extended causing problems with the structure of the foot.

So it makes alot of sense to be sure that the structure of your foot is 100 % correct when you walk or run or play a sport, because ongoing instability at the ankle area eventually causes damage to the knees, the hip, the shoulder and the neck joint.

Our bodies are very complex yet simple.... if you’re not walking properly, the rest of your body can’t function properly ... think about it! And if you have any concerns about whether your feet are the reason for any other pain your may be experiencing in your body, then please come and have a FREE 20 minute assessment with Amanda!


If you think this article applies to you then please do not hesitate to contact Bournemouth based remedial massage therapist Amanda Burger on 07789 810752 ... For a FREE 20 minute assessment

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