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Hello from Intulo Health and another testimonial to encourage you all to speak to Amanda about your overall wellbeing...

When it comes to working with individuals who suffer with pain, it's imperative that I always gather a whole picture of why my clients suffer with pain. And pain comes in many facets and can manifest itself into physical pain for a variety of reasons, and naturally 99.9 % of my clients come and see me because they're struggling with "physical" pain. I spend time gathering information and gaining an understanding of each individual and I do so by building a picture of everything. Day to day routine, diet, exercise, stress levels, and many other aspects that effect the overall health of each individual. By doing so I am able to gain more insight into what your pain is all about and what the route cause is of your pain. Everyone is different, and it's important to treat everyone as an individual, so turning to generic advice and routine medication isn't always the best path for most people, and don't even get me started on the generic advice on GOOGLE!!

I've included a testimonial from one of my regular clients to allow you to get a better understanding of what I do when I'm in clinic and working with you as an individual client. My treatment goes beyond the treatment room and I focus entirely on your overall health and give you the right tools to improve your lifestyle in order to live a pain free life.

Hear what Clare has to say ...

"When I tell my friends I see a sports masseur, I’m sure their first thought must be ‘what sport does she do??’ However, Amanda is so much more than just a sports massage therapist.

I first saw Amanda in January 2019 when I saw her advert on Facebook saying ‘you don’t have to live with pain’. Well I had been. It was debilitating shoulder and neck pain caused most likely from sitting at a desk and pushing a mouse back and forwards!! (not yet an Olympic sport!) So I booked in, and that’s when my health changed for the better.

Amanda thinks outside the box and is always focused on the good of her client. This sometimes involves referrals to other services. She referred me to a chiropractor before she could really get to work on my pesky rotator cuff.

Now the thing you must know about Amanda is she loves to give you homework. Bands and balloons are used as part of her rehab toolkit which means you’re never stuck for decorations for that surprise party!!

It wasn’t long before I was pain free, but I kept up my appointments and moved to having remedial massages focusing on my key areas before they got sore again. Prevention is better than cure my mum says.

Amanda and I had another life changing conversation in July 2020 when I’d gone for my routine appointment. Amanda asked what I’d like her to focus on. So in our usual comfortable, open exchange I asked her what she knew about Ayurvedic massages. I’ve suffered for many years with digestive issues and have been, like so many on daily tablets. Amanda has such a broad interest range that she instantly knew what I needed and got to work. We chatted, (as always) and Amanda mentioned the ketogenic diet to me, which I’d never heard of. She thought that it’s anti inflammatory benefits would suit me and could even stop a life of tablet taking. Needless to say, I was interested.

Amanda's knowledge and interest spans way beyond just anatomy and physiology, she has such in depth knowledge of nutrition, in particular when it comes to digestive issues and the benefits of following an anti inflammatory way of eating, to help restore the body back to balance. She explained how inflammation is generally the key issue to most people's pain and how other aspects of our life invariably cause inflammation in our bodies, in particular pharmaceutical drugs and the acidity it causes. I've been taking Omeprazol for many years to help reduce acidity in my body and in July coupled with a variety of reasons, my acidity levels were at an all time high. After an in depth explanation of what she thought was causing my digestive issues, I took her advice on board and agreed to make the necessary changes she was suggesting.

Amanda set immediately to sending me articles, graphs and consistent encouragement to get me started. And I even shared the information with others, who like me are now seeing the benefits.

5 months down the line I’ve taken only 3 tablets!! Yes 3. I would have taken 150 prior to taking Amanda's advice and changing my diet and following a keto based plan with the intention of reducing acidity and inflammation in my body. I set out to reduce my medication and I’ve also lost 18lbs and the inflammation is almost all gone, and I can honestly say I have not felt like I have been on a "diet" or that I have deprived myself of anything other than giving my body what it needs which is what Amanda advocates!

So why have I written this all down? Well it’s to encourage anyone who is suffering with any sort of pain to go and see Amanda. She’s so much more that just a sports masseur. She’s amazing. She has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."

Thank you to Clare for this testimonial, and naturally the reason why I feel that it's important that I share these reviews with you all is because I want you to understand that "word of mouth" is stronger than any form of advertising that I can ever do. I cannot explain to people what I do in an advert! So please if you know of someone who is struggling with their pain, whether it be because they are injured, or stressed and anxious, or because they're really struggling to get their bodies into a state of overall wellbeing, refer them onto me so I can ascertain whether I am the right person to help them, and if I'm not, I will always cross refer my clients onto other practitioners who I think can help them.

Speak to Amanda about Wellbeing

I thank you for the time you took to read Clare's testimonial, for your consistent support to both me personally and the business, and I wish you all the best in these crazy times.

Keep safe.

Lots of love